Different activities conducted in the school are as follows:

activities in vpdcps

JUNE 2020

June 21, 2018

04.06.2020 (Mon.) School Opens at 9:10 am for Nursery & VII to IX Summer Camp : 14.06.2020 (Mon.) School Reopens at 9:10 am for KG to Std. IX. Timing 9:10 am to 11:00 am. 22.06.2019 (Mon) International Day of Yoga & Music Day for Std. I  

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JULY 2020

July 9, 2018

06.07.2020 (Mon.) Guru Pournima Celebration. 06.07.2020 (Mon.) to 11.07.2020 (Sat.) Health check up. PTA Meeting for Std. I to Std. IX First unit test 13.07.2020 (Mon.) to 21.07.2020 (Fri.) for Std. III to Std. IX 22.07.2020 (Wed.) Elocution Competition for Std. III to Std. IX. 24.07.2020 (Fri.) Kiteflying Day for KG Section. 31.07.2020 (Fri.) Rakhi Making Workshop for KG Section. Holiday : 01.07.2020 (Wed.) Ashadhi Ekadashi.

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August 1, 2018

Result of First unit Test will be distributed to the parents. 04.08.2020 (Tue.) Rakshbandhan Celebration for KG Section. 04.08.2020 (Tue.) Lokmanya Tilaks Death Anniversary. 06.08.2020 (Thu.) to 11.08.2020 (Tue.) Sanskrit Sapthah for Std. V to Std. IX. 12.08.2020 (Wed.) Dahihandi Celebration 15.08.2020 (Sat.) Independence Day Celebration compulsory attendance for students from Std. III to Std. IX. 21.08.2020 (Fri.) Grandparents Day Celebration 22.08.2020 (Sat.) Ganesh Chaturthi Installation of Lord Ganesha Idol. Compulsory attendance of students Std. III to IX. 24.08.2020 (Mon.) Rangoli and Drawing competition. 25.08.2020 (Tue.) Fancy Dress competition for KG Section. 27.08.2020 (Thu.) Ganesh Visarjan Holidays : 01.08.2020 (Sat.) Bakri Eid 03.08.2020 (Mon.) Rakshabandhan 15.08.2020 (Sat.) Independence Day 22.08.2020 (Sat.) Ganesh Chaturthi

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September 3, 2018

04.09.2020 (Fri.) Salad Decoration for KG Section. 05.09.2020 (Sat.) Teachers’ Day Celebration 14.09.2020 (Mon.) Hindi Day Celebration. First Summative Assessment 21.09.2020 (Mon.) to 30.09.2020 (Wed.) Holidays : 01.09.2020 (Tue.) Anant Chaturdashi

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October 2, 2018

Result of First Summative Assessment will be distributed to the Parents . 05.10.2020 (Mon.) to 10.10.2020 (Sat.) Cleanliness week. 12.10.2020 (Mon.) Extempore competition for Std. V to IX. 15.10.2020 (Thu.) Solo singing / solo dance competition International English Olympiad. 16.10.2020 (Fri.) Vidya Pratishthan’s Raising Day. 22.10.2020 (Thu.) Flower decoration competition for KG Section. 23.10.2020 (Fri.) Bhondala. 31.10.2020 (Sat.) Group Singing Competition. Holidays : 02.10.2020 (Fri.) Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. 16.10.2020 (Tue.) Vidya Pratishthans Raising Day. 31.10.2020 (Fri.) Id-E-Milad.

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November 24, 2018

05.11.2020 (Thu.) Diwali Celebration. School Reopens on 23.11.2020 (Mon.) Half day school Akhil Bhartiya Hindi Olympiad. National Cyber Olympiad 26.11.2020 (Thu.) Celebration of Constitution Day. 28.11.2020 (Sat.) Funfair. Holiday : Diwali Vacation 06.11.2020 (Fri.) to 21.11.2020 (Sat.). 30.11.2020 (Mon.) Gurunank Jayanti.

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December 12, 2018

International Mathematics Olympiad. Smart kid GK Olympiad 12.12.2020 (Sat.) Tree plantation. 21.12.2020 (Mon.) Christmas Celebration for KG Section. 23.12.2020 (The.) Annual Day. 31.12.2020 (——–) School Reopens after winter Vacation. Holidays : 24.12.2020 (Thu.) to 30.12.2020 (Thu.) Winter Vacation.

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January 14, 2019

Class picnics to be planned and arranged by the class teacher,  School officer, Principal (Exact date depends on the availability of buses.) 09.01.2021 (Sat.) Geography Day. Quiz competition for Std. III to IX. 15.01.2021 (Fri.) GK competition for KG section 11.01.2021 (Mon.) to 20.01.2020 (Wed.) Second unit test. Competition for parents. International talent hant olympiad. 25.01.2021 (Mon.) Debate Competition for std. V to IX Students. 26.01.2021 (Tue.) Republic Day Celebration std. III to IX students are the attain the parade compulsary attendance for all students from III to IX 29.01.2021 (Fri.) Sport Day for KG Section. 30.01.2021 (Sat.) Sport Day for Std. I to Std. IX. Holidays…

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February 27, 2019

Story telling competition Nursery to Std. IV. Field Visit for the KG Section. Result of Second unit test will be distributed to the parents. 26.02.2021 (Fri.) Marathi Day Celebration. 27.02.2021 (Sat.) Science exhibition & Market Day.

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MARCH 2020

March 19, 2019

09.03.2020 (Mon.) to 18.02.2020 (Wed.) Second Summative Assessment 18.03.2020 (Wed.) Baccha Party (Pre-Primary Section) 30.03.2020 (Mon.) Result of Pre-Primary Section Convocation Ceremony for HKG- Compulsory attendance 31.03.2020 (Tue.) Result for Std. I to VIII Holidays: 10.03.2020 (Tue.) Dhulivandan 25.03.2020 (Wed.) Gudipadwa  

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APRIL 2020

May 28, 2020

01.04.2020 (Wed.) School Reopens for the Academic Year 2020-2021 for LKG to Std. IX Holidays: 06.04.2020 (Mon.) Mahavir Jayanti 10.04.2020 (Fri.) Good Friday 14.04.2020 (Tue.) Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti Summer Vacation 01.05.2020 (Thu.) to 14.06.2020 (Mon.) School reopens after Summer Vacation on 15.06.202 (Mon.)

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